Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction

2013 USA Best Book Award

This book is for everyone who is suffering from the disease of addiction or who cares about someone who is: for addicts, their families and friends, and their health care providers. It is for those who are currently in recovery and looking for a way to shift their recovery into a higher gear—from just surviving and muddling through to becoming the absolute best version of themselvesfrom mere recovery to Integral Recovery.

In addition to providing an illuminating and inspiring map to the path of recovery, Integral Recovery teaches life-changing practices that initiate the addict on a journey of healing, transformation, and awakening, offering the possibility of a lifetime of health, joy, and sobriety.



 John Dupuy's approach to addiction treatment is proving to be my personal missing link in my evolution as a recovering alcoholic.

~ Adam Gorman, Psy.D.


integral Recovery USA Best Book

Praise for Integral Recovery

"John's model of recovery transcends and includes the 12 step model. If you've never heard of Integral theory, but you want to know of a way to get sober and live a life worth living, this book is for you. The book never gets bogged down in theory. On the contrary, it's filled with practical advice for addicts, family members, and treatment providers."

-- Brett Walker, Integral Recovery Intensive student

"John Dupuy shares his experiences and expertise in a very accessible and lucid style, deeply human and personal, full of witty quips, funny episodes, inspiring quotes, vivid metaphors, and uplifting stories. It is a stimulating, surprising, educating, and entertaining book."

--Dennis Wittrock (M.A.), CEO of Die Integrale Akademie and Integrales Forum 

“John Dupuy’s Integral Recovery is a revolutionary application of Integral Theory to the national epidemic of substance abuse and addictive behavior. Clear, comprehensive, and appropriately inclusive, it points to a radically new way to deal with alcoholism and addiction, one that looks to be incredibly promising and much more effective than existing approaches, all of which are partial and segmented. The Integral approach, on the other hand, by taking a truly holistic (in the best sense of that term) approach, points to a comprehensive strategy much more promising in its results. Highly recommended for professional and layperson alike!

-- Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision: A Very Short Introduction to the Revolutionary Integral Approach to Life, God, the Universe, and Everything

"This book is destined to become a classic in the vaults of Integral approaches to addiction treatment and recovery. I myself have been profoundly inspired by John’s work and believe that John’s contribution to addictionology and recovery will have a lasting and profound effect. And more importantly, in an arena where failure often means death, this book is will save many lives! Any treatment professional or addict reading this book will have their professional or personal lives enriched in a most profound way."

-- Guy P. du Plessis, Addictions Counsellor, Clinical Director, Programme Director, and Head of Treatment in Addiction Treatment Centers, Cape Town, South Africa

I highly recommend this book to anyone serious about recovery, it is the future.

-- Charlie Hopper, Integral Recovery Coach and Intensive Counselor



Integral Recovery is available at SUNY Press

in both paperback and hardback. 

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Integral Recovery


Read the introduction: "Why Another Book on Recovery from Addiction?"

 and Chapter One, "Recovery from What?"

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John Dupuy, CEO Integral RecoveryJohn Dupuy

is the founder of Integral Recovery®, a holistic treatment program inspired by Ken Wilber’s Integral model, and the CEO of iAwake Technologies. He combines two decades of on-the-ground addiction counseling experience with the cutting-edge tools offered by Integral Recovery Practice and the Profound Meditation Program. Since 1984, John has worked with thousands of students and their families in addiction treatment and the therapeutic wilderness industry and has co-founded two wilderness therapy programs. John is an adjunct John F. Kennedy University faculty member, teaching the graduate course Basic Addiction Studies. John coaches addicts, their families, and individuals suffering from depression and PTSD via Skype from his home in beautiful Southern Utah.


"John Dupuy unpacks what is probably the single greatest gift that "our beloved addicts" (as he affectionately calls his clients) can reveal to the world: the utter urgency of the choice between death or passionate practice. This is dead-on (pun intended). The good news for the average reader is: you don't have to suffer from a terminal, progressive disease like addiction to embark upon the path of fierce and serious practice to unlock your full potential in service of the whole. No, like John and his team you are invited to cross the isolating addict/non-addict divide and simply join the community of Integral practitioners beyond that."

-- From Dennis Wittrock's review of Integral Recovery on

A Recovery Game Changer

 "Addiction leaves no stone unturned in its merciless march to decimate its victims, their families, and any other innocent life or wholesome thing that happens to get in its way. Addiction, though, has met its match with John Dupuy and his extremely modern, smart, innovative, genuinely holistic, comprehensive, and revolutionary Integral Recovery curriculum.


John invites all concerned to make the switch from being a seeker to being a real practitioner. His book is filled with a multitude of incredibly new and effective disciplines, which when daily embraced, are game changing in their healing transformative effects for those battling addiction and those on the sidelines trying to help. The world is a better place because of John Dupuy and the revolution he has begun.

-- From Joe O'Brien's review of Integral Recovery on

"When I found Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction, I expected a narrow focus. But with that I also found a warrior's path through depression, anguish, disillusionment and despair for reasons as unique as each of us. The writing is direct, compelling, and straightforward. 

"Make no mistake, this book is not simply an academic treatise. This guy writes from his gut and his heart. Yes, he's an academic but he knows the deal."

-- From Pat Downs' review of Integral Recovery on

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